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We have been working with Metropolitan for the past 8 years. Our relationship with Metropolitan Health led us to Metropolitan Brand’s door. This also led to work for their CSI, Asset Manager, Employee Benefits and International divisions.

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  • Client: Metropolitan
  • Client since: 1997
  • Elements :

    The kind of projects that we have worked on are corporate diaries and calendars, animations and DVDs, sponsorship logos, print ads, advertorials, trophies, banners, Corporate ID, interior design, billboards, signage, photography, etc.

In Inspiration’s early days, we began our work in the health care industry with Old Mutual Healthcare.

We handled all scheme communication – newsletters, member guides, etc. for schemes like Nedgroup Medical Scheme. A lot of the work we did was also for Oxygen Medical Scheme with their loyalty programme, Oxygen Levels. Our work also included corporate branding and marketing requirements.

Around 2005, we began another journey in health care, but with Metropolitan Health.

With Metropolitan we are involved with corporate branding and communication. Work for Metropolitan Wellness and other managed care programmes also kept us busy over the years, with various comms for health days, etc.

Large projects included the Engage magazine. This quarterly publication looked at current healthcare issues, with comment from independent contributors.

We have also worked extensively with the metropolitan Health Human Resources department on internal campaigns communicating various strategic imperatives to staff.

Marketing items include: brochures, folders, membership cards, leaflets, posters, exhibition material, banners, print ads, advertorials, corporate ID and stationery, presentations, e-vites, newsletters for members, trustees and providers, promotional items and clothing, giveaways, certificates, stickers, external and internal staff campaigns, trophies, DVDs, photography, website, online flipping books, e-banners, etc.

We were very much a mom-and-pop organisation but 1999 was a tipping point. A lot changed that year. We introduced electronic timing, we appointed a full-time events office and our sponsor values changed significantly. One of the most important developments was the involvement of Inspiration and development of the new logo. Inspiration became the custodian of the brand through the logo, which became a permanent symbol of the even